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Anonymity is an asset

Confidentiality Guarantee

Technology to keep Models, Clients and Projects confidential.

Our rigorous security practices help ensure that all information given are protected and used ethically and responsibly.

We use contracts  on all projects to make everything even more secure. The contract  bind the parties.

We adopt the most advanced protocols and measures to guarantee the privacy and protection of all models, clients and projects information.


Secrecy is the key to our success  and we take it very serious!

All efforts to guarantee you keep anonymous! 

Brazil Casting Studio adopts the most advanced cybersecurity protocols to keep your privacy safe. We are always updating our platform and our servers to provide the most unique and safest experience, to both models and projects.

Four steps safety protocol

Own Server

We have our own local server located in Brazil


Anti-VPN firewall. International I.P.'s are blocked 

Safe platform

No risk of leak. Content  not available to Download.

ID Access

Clients have a special code to access content. Just allowed I.P.s 

All efforts to guarantee privacy and security to all models.

Privacy features


Reach us for more information

There is nothing safer that owning your own local server. No way to breach a local server like it happens with Cloud Servers.

Safety protocols like blocking international I.P.s and Anti-VPN system makes impossible to access our platform from another countries.

 The only way to access the projects and photoshoots are trough our platform, and to log in our clients need a special identification code. We also have to allow the client I.P. to being able to log in.

Our platform doesn't allow Print Screen or Content Downloads, which means no way to leak any project, photos and content.


Contracts as an Ultimate binding

Even with all technology we make sure to always use contracts on our works to avoid that a Client or a Model leak some content or information about projects, photoshoots, and clients and models identity. 

Contracts with confidentiality clauses.
The contracts allow fines to be applied in case of breach of any contractual clause.

As you can see we take every project as serious as possible.

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